Like the human body, the story of man's modern essence is based on electricity.   Approximately sixty-five percent of the human body is essentially made of water.  The human body is also a battery.   Modern science has shown us what the India culture has known for centuries and centuries; that electrical coronal discharges of the human body, otherwise known as human auras, are indeed fact.   Auras can be seen and perceived by another human's brain when seen through the eyes of the adept.   It is also known that the human spirit is made of electrical energy.

Modern man and the inculcation of his entire well-being and cultural essence is based on all things electrical, and in recent times, all things digital.   All things binary.

Electrical digital binary understanding is the computer and the origin of the Internet or world wide web.  Electrical digital binary understanding has brought man the cell phone, television and video.   Binary is the radio and audio recording and playback technology.   Electrical digital binary is the basis of digital LED lightbulbs, the electric digital camera and many other technical applications that man today takes for granted.  All find their foundational base in one catalytic event which came to synthesize man's modern world.

In the early part of the 19th century, the development of the electric telegraph became the 'event.'   Record of this 'event' however is based on accounts which are not of primary form.  Much of electric telegraphy's early 19th century historical development is based on third party accounts of ancillary actions, but never have come to show the action of the primary perfected process and invention.   This is because no original core documents revealing the actual codification of the technology has ever come forward or has ever been found.  

Even in recent times curatorial representatives of the Science Museum, London remain clueless and are even on public record stating that 'little or no actual evidence" remains of the perfection of the 'event' of the development of the electric telegraph that came to codify all of man's modern electric technological essence that man now enjoys, or that which he even abuses.  

No evidence exists because it was lost.   The story of the lost evidence codifying the action of perfecting man's ultimate modern development and application of electricity is about to be told here in this digitally conceived Internet website and accompanying recently produced motion picture video for the very first time.  


What was lost has now been found.    Without this physical evidence about to be presented ever coming into existence, this story would never even have been told in its proper context.   This is because the 'event' would not exist nor could it have been created in the digital visual audio form - to be reflective of its purest essence.

Strangely, the actual evidence of the record of the event emerged thousands of miles away from its inception.   The evidence emerged after a journey stretching over one-fifth of the globe; a journey lasting 150 years.   The evidence of the perfection of man's electrical digital binary understanding was discovered approximately 250 years after Western civilization actually first discovered electricity.   The discovery of the discovery was almost lost forever.   What follows is the actual story of this amazing journey and how it has come to chart the path of modern man's essence.  

May the world now become witness to the story that is its greatest discovery...................................